About the Project


It all started when…

I was little, and had a passion for making stop motion videos. I made them for fun all the time, and it brought me joy! I could easily create my own stories out of objects in my house. I wanted to give others the same opportunity I had, so I decided to do something.

I volunteered at the Association to Benefit Children Graham School at Echo Park during the summer, and during my breaks from school, and teach lessons to the children.

My objective was to expose them to the world of creating and film production, in hopes of them having fun in the process!


Items Used:

  • An iPad

  • A bin of toys

  • a background screen

my Lesson plan:

  1. Teach them a quick how-to lesson: how to work the camera, how to move the toys, what stop motion animation is, etc.

  2. Let them pick from the toys – they love this part!

  3. Go around and facilitate them making their round of animation with the toy.

  4. Share out the final product!